Below are some reviews of the first full-length album 
which is entitled; "from you"

"A debut from a quartet that plays highenergy rockmusic in the same spirit 
as for example The Wildhearts and Hoodoo Gurus." 
"The lyrics are in english and rates absolutely over the average."
Topp 40

"Wilder than Elvis Costello, Squeeze and The Rembrandts, tamer than Van Halen. 
Scratch from Sweden is a rockband that lives highly on the inspired songwriting of 
Janne Borgh and Peder Brink. Both line up good songs, written together or apart.
 They have all the right guests, like Marty Willson-Piper from the Church who plays guitar on 
We got fooled again 
and Louise Odöö, who sings extremely beautiful in the background."
Eskilstuna Kuriren

"..succesful merge of Janne Borgh´s poppy background and the hard rock of Peder Brink. 
Sparkling electric rock´n roll and unrestrained guitars, which is at its best 
when the songwriting works as in Killing with words."
Nerikes Allehanda

"..album-debutants Scratch advantage are the ringing melodies, which are more qualified 
than the straight guitar-mangling of many other indiegroups. 
Here you have a touch of westcoastpop and The Byrds.."
Upsala Nya Tidning

"..not a bad mix of pop, seventies-rock, and a little postgrunge on top. The Scratch are well 
in the same league as what is produced on the bigger recordcompany-dragons.."

"It sounds a bit like early The Clash of the opening Rebel without a clue and in the next track 
We got fooled again
 with the guitarplayer of The Church, Marty Willson-Piper as guest, 
you can sense a certain affinity to the grunge." 
"..the Scratch works best in tracks like Train of thought, Puzzle in my mind and The real life
which gives us powerpop with strong choruses." 
"As a sixtrack-ep, it would have been sensational."
Vimmerby Tidning

"..several songs (Train of thought, Puzzle in my mind, The real life
are with swedish measures good as hell."
Sound Affects

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